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Meet Wendy Morgan, J.D.

Promoting Harmony and Empathy in Conflict Resolution

In my professional experience as a mediator and practitioner of conflict resolution, my vision is to reduce trauma, aggression, and fear to increase well-being and peace at the breakup of a marriage.

Over more than four decades, I have worked with a variety of women, many in their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s who have spent  20 years or more in a marriage they now find unfulfilling or challenging to sustain. They may contemplate divorce for different reasons - the kids have grown and left home and it’s time to face the breakdown of their relationship, their spouse has retired and wants to do something else, or they have realized the person they’re married to is no longer the same person with whom they envisioned spending a lifetime. 

In spite of these moments of clarity, these women feel apprehensive when thinking about divorce … because they have unanswered questions, such as: 

How will I support myself?

How will I survive this process?

How do I stop feeling angry?

How do I make decisions when I don’t know what I don’t know?

And I ask you:  are you that woman?

It is not uncommon to have questions such as these when considering ending a marriage. It’s also not uncommon to seek advice and comfort from family and friends. However, those closest to you - in spite of having the best of intentions - may lack the mindset and skills to provide you with the appropriate guidance you need at this challenging time.  They may also bring their own doubts, fears, insecurities, and “bad” divorce experiences into the conversation, sidetracking you from your path towards a brighter future.

What you need most is an experienced and compassionate guide, a coach trained to advise you in making informed and empowered decisions legally and personally. 

This is where I  come in.  As a fierce family law litigator turned peacemaker, a relationship coach, a former Hollywood studio executive who negotiated complex financial agreements, an artist, a mother, and a divorced woman who recreated her own life, I am wildly dedicated to helping women through the divorce process with my heart-centered and highly effective approach to conflict resolution. 


I have the education, experience and expertise to usher you through this journey with greater ease.

Through my guidance, you will learn tools to survive the divorce process (if you decide that is the path for you), you will become educated about your finances, and you will learn how to develop a more positive optimistic outlook. Together, we will cultivate an expectation of miracles in the midst of your journey.

Mindful Legal Support: Wendy is committed to providing legal support that takes into account the emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients, ensuring a holistic approach to their needs.

Customized Solutions: Wendy tailors her services to each client's specific situation, creating personalized solutions that resonate with their values and goals.

Wendy Morgan JD
A mom and cub cheetah laying together.

Working with Wendy

Working with me, you will gain valuable guidance, profound insights and new wisdom to:

Stay grounded even when it feels like the ground is falling out from under you.

Recognize that you possess the inner strength to overcome the challenges this experience brings you.

Navigate the uncoupling process mindfully and compassionately, even if you are the only one willing to do so.

Acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of the relationship you are leaving for the many gifts it gave you, including a way out.

Release any unfulfilled dreams allowing you to have more positive thoughts and beliefs about your future

Determine what you need to reclaim your highest destiny.

Develop an understanding of your financial landscape, alleviating anxiety and promoting self-confidence to make informed decisions.

Gain an understanding of the legal aspects relevant to your situation, including whether to divorce or make other agreements.

Cultivate a deeper connection with your intuition and inner voice above the outside noise.

Transform from a place of fear to one of love in all areas of your life.

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