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Mediation Rooted
in Love with
Wendy Morgan, J.D.

Resolving conflict in a heart-centered approach

Wendy Morgan JD
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Rooted in Resilience: Navigating Relationships and Divorce with Strength.

To educate and empower women to make crucial life decisions from a place of self-certainty

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To help women shift from judgment and fear to compassion and self-confidence to create more heart-centered and lasting agreements

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To support women in changing how they view conflict resolution. With a focus on possibilities, the family structure can be redesigned so all members thrive

My Mission

(c) Morgan 2019

In my decades of experience, I have had the pleasure of guiding a variety of clients through life transitions - from women contemplating or experiencing divorce to families mediating settlements, couples anticipating marriage and same sex couples navigating legal and relational logistics.

“I absolutely recommendWendy for mediation!  Wendy helped me navigate a complex financial negotiation. She is incredibly smart and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough positive things about her and the advice she gave me.”

Kimberlee M.

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